The Heart Ayllu supports and facilitates the creation of sacred apachetas across the heartland region of the United States, and beyond. An apacheta (pronounced a’ pa chĕ’ ta) is a cairn monument built of stones and sometimes crystals, shells, as well as other ritual items. Apachetas have their origin in the Andes Mountains of Latin America, originally designed as markers on mountain passes for travelers in ancient Andean civilizations. Over time, apachetas have become ritual sites of ceremony and prayer that hold great power and meaning for the Andean people.

Apachetas are built in reverent ceremony to remember our relationships with all life through prayerful offerings of gratitude.  The native Andean people see apachetas as guardians and teachers, powerful allies and relatives. Their mountain-like stone structure mirrors the human’s relationship with the Heavens, a channel of energy extending upward from the Earth, like our own yearnings to have a relationship with God. Apachetas are now utilized as places of pilgrimage, where one can go to pray and meditate on one’s relationship with all Creation. They are often constructed with stones from other sacred sites around the region (great mountains, cathedrals, lagoons, temples, and so on) where the collective power of these areas can be united in a single representation of Creator’s glory. Travelers will often go great distances to bring stones or crystals from other sacred areas to a single apacheta, depending on what is called by the pilgrim.


Some people believe apachetas act as “acupuncture” points in the earth, strengthening the flow of energy running through the land. This is facilitated by prayer and offerings to the apacheta, often with flowers, music, and fragrant waters. These offerings are seed thoughts of healing intention, made manifest by our purity of heart, deep compassion, and care for all life. Apachetas have grown from their roots in the Andes into a cross-cultural phenomenon.

The Heartland Ayllu Apacheta Project is our effort to build apachetas throughout the Kansas City metro as places of pilgrimage where any one of any spiritual tradition is welcome to pray as they are guided. Take a look at the apachetas we have built so far and for those to come!

Hollis Renewal Center

Built on May 11, 2019, the Community Apacheta at Hollis Renewal Center is sponsored by both the Heartland Ayllu and the Hollis Renewal Center Executive Board of Directors. With gratitude the staff and Board at Hollis have provided a sacred space in which this apacheta can live. Hollis is a sacred land for the Heartland Ayllu, which is where many of our ceremonial events take place including Solstice and Equinox celebrations, as well as Apprenticeships in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. You read up on the creation of this beautiful apacheta, with extra pics, by clicking on this link. Also, this apacheta is open to anyone in the community, so feel free to stop by, bring some flowers as an offering, and have a safe space to pray and meditate in peace. Hollis Renewal Center is located at 11414 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, KS 66111.

Unity Village


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