Resurrecting the Temples of Old. 

DATE: Saturday, May 11th, 2019

TIME: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

LOCATION: Hollis Renewal Center, 11414 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, KS 66111


























Many of the ancient temples of our ancestors have been lost to antiquity, but there are still ways of honoring our global spiritual heritage, at the same time creating something new. The temples and sacred sites of the ancient past were often sites of pilgrimage and prayer, where all were welcome to feast at the table of Spirit, regardless of lineage, background, ethnicity,e etc. It is our goal to create such a place of interfaith communion.

We would like to invite you to participate in a ceremony to build an apacheta on Saturday, May 11th, from 10am to 12:30pm! An apacheta (pronounced a’ pa chĕ’ ta) is a cairn monument built of stones and sometimes crystals, shells, as well as other ritual items. Apachetas have their origin in the Andes Mountains of Latin America; over time, apachetas have become ritual sites of ceremony and prayer that hold great power and meaning for the Andean people. Apachetas are built in reverent ceremony to remember our relationships with all life through prayerful offerings of gratitude. The native Andean people see apachetas as guardians and teachers, powerful allies and relatives. Their mountain-like stone structure mirrors the human’s relationship with the Heavens, a channel of energy extending upward from the Earth, like our own yearnings to have a relationship with God. Apachetas are now utilized as places of pilgrimage, where one can go to pray and meditate on one’s relationship with all Creation.

Proud to sponsor this event, the Heartland Ayllu is a cross-cultural community dedicated to Earth-honoring practices and spiritual growth in the Kansas City Metro area. Rooted in the shamanic arts, with a foundation in the global Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, the Heartland Ayllu is an inter-faith fellowship that promotes a global culture of peace, love, and wisdom.

Hollis Renewal Center, a retreat center located in Kansas City, KS, has agreed to allow the Heartland Ayllu space to build an interfaith-honoring apacheta. Please come and join us, as this apacheta will be a permanent structure at Hollis Renewal Center, which can be used as a site of pilgrimage for all members of the greater Kansas City community!

The Heartland Ayllu invites you take part in this beautiful ceremony of co-creation together. The building of an apacheta is a community endeavor in which we all can come into sacred union and reciprocity with the natural powers of the planet. There will be drumming, sacred fire offerings, and more! Please come and join us, as this apacheta will be a permanent structure at Hollis Renewal Center, which can be used as a site of pilgrimage for all members of the greater Kansas City community!

This ceremony will be facilitated by Autumn and Daniel Moler, Sanctioned Teachers of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.





Please bring a sacred stone you would like to add to the apacheta altar. This can be stone from a mountain, river or creek bed, or even from a building (like a church or temple). The important thing is that this stone represents a piece of medicine from your spiritual walk that can feed others' spiritual journey when they visit the apacheta. The piece you bring an also be a crystal or shell (although shell have a risk of breaking easily).

Also, feel free to being a sacred sound maker (such as a rattle, drum, etc.) if you prefer.

Outside preparations: lawnchair if you need to sit, bug spray, appropriate shoes and clothing, as we will be in forested area.


When entering Hollis, drive to the end of the road where the parking lot is. This is a grassy area north of the parking lot that will be marked for parking (weather permitting). We will have the Lodge space available (which will be the major building to the right when you park) for restrooms and for serving refreshments afterwards. Once parked, walk along the gravel road until you see a clearing to the left (it is not very far). Going into the clearing you will see a large labryinth inscribed into the ground with brick. The apacheta building will be in a small grove to the north of the labryinth (which will be to your right when walking toward it). Don't worry, you see us and plenty of other folk there to guide you! :)

For inquiries about the event, please contact Daniel Moler at or 913-562-8792. We look forward to co-creating this magnificent sacred space with you! Thank you!

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