How you can donate and help OUR CAUSE

One of our sacred teachers, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, reflects on the nature of ayni (sacred reciprocity):

"Through ritual action we restore harmonious relationships both 'within and without', for these are the same. By focusing on service to our beloved Earth mother, we open ourselves to receive love and comfort from powers that are far older and wiser than is any human relative."


Excerpt from Lessons in Courage, p. 61

The Heartland Ayllu is an independent, volunteer-based community whose efforts are solely based upon donations. Not only do we use donations as a way to pay the spaces which we perform the sacred rituals of reverent grace, but we also like put forth our resources support efforts such as Ninos del Sol, an orphanage in Peru (among other charitable endeavors). 

ways you can donate:



Feel free to donate in person at one of our community gatherings. Go to our Events page for details. 


Select the button below to make a donation via PayPal directly to the Heartland Ayllu within seconds!



Feel free to send us an email about other donation options, including volunteering for events! 

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