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Solstice and Equinox

As shamanic people we honor and recognize the changing of the seasons with ceremony and offerings to Mother Earth.


There are a wide variety of opportunities to receive the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition through Apprenticeships and other offerings by community members. 


The Heartland Ayllu Festival is a day-long event of ceremony, music, and fun that brings community members from all walks of life together!

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Monthly Link Ups for 2019

  • January 16th (7pm - 10pm)

    • Hosted by Lyn Soulier (Gardens of Delight) @ 4821 N Helena Ave, Parkville, Missouri 64151  

  • February 20th

  • March 20th

  • April 17th

  • May 15th

  • June 19th

  • July 17th

  • August 21st

  • September 18th

  • October 16th

  • November 20th

  • December 18th

Introductory Classes for 2019

Apprenticeships for 2019

  • TBD


Link Ups

Community and ceremony are important. We get together the first Wednesday of every month to commune in sacred relationship. 

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